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Throughout the year NFF organises company presentations. Financial analysts, experienced in the field in which the particular companies operate, are specially invited by NFF to prepare questions for the company to answer. 


NFF may present individual companies, or several companies within the same line of business. 

There are also the more in-depth presentations – Capital Markets Day – as well as the shorter Breakfast Presentation, where smaller companies are given the opportunity to present themselves.


NFF’s presentations are open to all. 

Members – free, others – NOK 300, -.

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Individual Presentations: 

duration: 90 min. (app.)

Presentation of an individual company, allocated approximately 45 minutes, and followed by a 45 minutes question time prepared by two experienced analysts, as well as questions from the audience.

Usually starts with breakfast at 08.30 a.m.


Branch Presentation

duration: 3 – 4 hrs. (app.)

This type of presentation involves several companies within the same line of business – or branch. Each company is usually allocated 25 – 30 minutes each. These presentations usually start with a talk/lecture/presentation of the particular branch, and aim to look into future prospects, challenges etc.

Starts with breakfast at 08.30. a.m., or ends with lunch at noon.


Capital Markets Day

duration: 3 – 4 hrs. (app.)

CMD is an in-depth presentation of a particular company’s field of work. Two experienced analysts prepare questions for the company.

Starts with breakfast at 08.30 a.m., or ends with lunch at noon.


Breakfast Presentation: 

duration 75 min.(app.)

NFF first introduced this less formal type of presentation in June 2000, to offer the smaller companies – i.e. smaller companies only recently introduced to the stock market, or not as of yet introduced or registered – an opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience than they otherwise find possible.

Breakfast Presentations takes place on Thursdays (with a few exceptions), and starts with breakfast at 8.30 a.m.

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Breakfast Meetings

NFF organises about 4 – 8 breakfast meetings per term. These meetings may be organised as a talk - or presentation, or as a debate. Topics range from oil prices to e-commerce. 

NFF’s breakfast meetings are open to members only; entrance fee - NOK 350,-.

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Seminars and Workshops

NFF organises both full- and half-day seminars and Workshops. These usually take place in Oslo.

NFF’s Seminars and Workshops are open to all. The price will vary according to topic and guest lecturers. Members get a discount.

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